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Congrats to Poet Laureate Ada Limón

Congratulations to Ada Limón, named 24th Poet Laureate of the United States. What marvelous news for poetry and culture.

In the Current Issue (July 2022) of Tab Journal, Ian Koh reviews Limón’s new book, The Hurting Kind:

In these poems, there is something in the reflecting and the reflection that is about resilience and healing, which are just as essential as sleeping and breathing. Change is its own process. It can seem chaotic, or it can be appreciated, seeing the miracles in the changing of the seasons, which is also how the sections in this collection are structured. To see change as miraculous is admirable because it nourishes appreciation of patience and love instead of revealing endurance as gullibility and foolishness.

Tabula Poetica hosted Ada Limón in 2017 for a Poetry Talk and a Poetry Reading. It was a memorable day with with an amazing poet, and we’re happy to have the videos to share with Tab Journal readers.

Reviews & Recs

TAB: Reading Recs

Though it’s often difficult now to sustain attention for reading during this global pandemic, here’s what I’ve found useful during this challenging time.

COVID-19 Serious Reading

Last week, The New York Review of Books published a moving account by Leslie Jamison about her experiences with COVID-19 a month after filing for divorce. I’ve taught Jamison’s work before and found this piece especially powerful. For something less personal and differently though provoking, I recommend Ed Yong’s piece “How Will the Coronavirus End?” at The Atlantic. Though I’m trying not to get overwhelmed by the news, I am finding some writing about COVID-19 that sticks with me.

COVID-19 Light Reading

I also want to share a few links to pieces that offer a little levity in the last couple of weeks:

Famous Opening Lines: On Fleek” at McSweeney’s

The first lines of classic novels, rewritten for social distancing” at LitHub

COVID-19 Viewing

And here are a couple of links to things to watch and listen to:

Tabula Poëtica on YouTube, where you can find video-recordings of our visiting poets; note that some are readings, whereas others are poetry talks on various subjects.

Stella’s Best Leaf Jumps of All Time” on YouTube, which has nothing to do with poetry but everything to do with joy

poetry books spread on the floor, with one medical ethics book