Vol. 9 (2021)

This year’s print issue of Tab Journal was created during a time of quarantine as the world underwent the isolation and anxieties of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, we reflected on concepts of time—as a sense of place, as space, as structure, as the visual experience of light and dark. Time has an impact on psychology; we can lose time or lose track of time. Time has a history of visual representation and documentation as well. This year’s print issue explores visual expressions of time warping, time-traveling, and the chronology and the kaleidoscope of time-keeping. In this issue, the images and texts engage in ideas of process over time, such as healing or growth.

Teachers and librarians who would like to distribute copies of the print issue for discussion can use the Contact form to request a batch. The issues in the 2021 volume of Tab Journal pick up elements of the print issues design.