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DEADLINE: September 10, 2023.

TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics welcomes submissions of poems and other writing about or related to poetry. Send us your original poems in English, English translations of poems in other languages, scholarly or creative essays about poetry, interviews, visual poems, art-poetry hybrids. We’re open to possibilities, as long as it has to do with poetry or poetics. We welcome submissions from writers with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, voices, and aesthetics and continue to seek work by BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and D/disabled writers. 

Before you submit

Before you invite us to consider your work, take a look at our wide aesthetic range at You may want to consider our design, including the horizontal page orientation and low-vision standards, when you decide what to send our way. Also, follow us on Twitter @TabJournal (at least for time being) and on Facebook.

To reduce barriers to access and with support from Chapman University, Tab Journal does not charge a submission fee. In addition, though we cannot guarantee payment, we expect to pay $75 to each contributor for as long as the budget allows.

Tab Journal considers simultaneous submissions, but if the work is accepted elsewhere, writers must contact us immediately through Submittable.

Chapman University (the institutional home of Tab Journal) shall have First North American Serial Rights to publish accepted work electronically and/or in print. Publication rights revert to the author upon publication in Tab Journal, but we do retain permission to republish and to submit to other outlets such as the Pushcart Prizes and Best of the Net. In addition, we ask that subsequent publication of the work acknowledge its first publication in Tab Journal

For accepted poems, Tab Journal requires poets to provide an audio file or give Tab Journal permission to make a recording of the work. Audio provides a reading experience via the ears and increases access to the work. Instructions will be provided when poem acceptance is confirmed, so audio should not be included in the initial submission. We are not currently requiring audio for work other than poems.

Using the submission form

Please use the Submittable form appropriate for the type of work you’re submitting. Read those specific guidelines within that form.


You’ll be prompted to complete a short eligibility form before you can access the main submission form. Tab Journal does not consider previously published work, work by individuals with current or recent affiliation with Chapman University (e.g., faculty, students, staff), or work by individuals under 18 years of age (with the exception of our partnership with the California Coastal Commission K-12 poetry contest).

The submission form itself requires a title for the work (which will be the submission’s identifying label) as well as your name, pronouns, and email address. We also ask whether you want to receive the Tab Musings newsletter.

In addition, we’ve added three demographic questions to the form to help us understand our submissions pool. Initial readers do not see the answers to these questions, individual data is not shared externally, and each question offers the option “I prefer not to answer.” This portion of the form is part of our ongoing effort to create an increasingly inclusive literary experience and track aggregate demographic data.

We invite you to include a short cover letter that includes a biographical/professional statement to add context for your submission. We also invite you to share your social media url/handle(s). Both these components are optional and are not viewable by initial readers.

The last step before submitting the form is to upload your file. Because the initial review is done anonymously, do not include your name in the file name or inside the file.


What if I can’t use the form?

If you are experiencing problems with the submission form or require assistance, please contact the staff using the Contact form on the website; if you don’t get response within two weeks, you are welcome to contact the Editor at her Chapman University email. We will be happy to assist in filling it out together.

While our anonymous reading system is built on Submittable, individuals who are unable to use that system can use the Contact form to ask the best alternate way to submit. Keep in mind that we have been experiencing postal service delays during the pandemic and that and postal mail is processed through university/department system.

What if I don’t see the forms?

We read year-round. If you don’t happen to see the submission forms, Tab Journal is temporarily closed to new submissions while we catch up with what’s in our queue and plan for the future. If that’s the case, check back in a few weeks.

Can I submit a book review?

The Tab staff contributes all book reviews. While we cannot guarantee a given book will be reviewed, we welcome review copies that help us represent an inclusive literary landscape. Use the Contact form for inquires. Any unreviewed copies are distributed to MFA students in poetry classes.

Black and white print issue cards laid out on a flat surface showing different folds and the shadows each of the cards have on one another. Photo shows the thickness of the paper used for the print issue.

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