TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics

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Tab Journal: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics
re-envisions literary cultural production using design thinking; publishes work that represents a range of aesthetics and stages of career; and strives to create increasingly inclusive and accessible poetry reading experiences both in print and online.

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Founded in 2013 by poet and nonfiction writer Anna Leahy and designer Claudine Jaenichen, Tab Journal is an international poetry periodical. Tab Journal’s tagline “space before text” announces that design of both text and space create various poetry reading experiences. Inclusive experiences begin with design—of policies, of practices, of pages, of poems.

”Some artists want to confront. Some want to invoke thought. They’re all necessary and they’re all valid.”

Maya Lin, visual artist & design thinker

Tab Journal sometimes confronts, sometimes comforts, sometimes invokes thought, sometimes feeling. Join us in this space for poetry.

TAB: space before text

Tab Journal—where poetry meets design. Read about the relationship of text, image, and design principles that drives the reading experience of Tab Journal.