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Color display of the printed poster sets with a folded cover sitting on top of the pile.

The annual, distinctive print issue of Tab: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics engages the reader with poetry as a material object and asks the reader to negotiate between image and text. The design does not assume a traditional role of unobtrusively framing content; instead, design actively shapes the reading experience and experiments with the intersections between form and content, object and space, and reader and reading.

The 2024 print issue plays with concepts of collaboration. For the first time in Tab Journal’s twelve years, the Creative Director has paired with another designer, Jessica Oddi, to create the visual language of this print issue. The bold visual backgrounds demonstrate a painterly process of two artists in the same space mark-making on one canvas together.  

These visual elements become front and back partners of each poster–sheet–page. The conversations between this design and the poems themselves (text and voice) amplify the definition that this printed issue is at once a singular object and two interdependent parts, like a door hinge or a pair of pliers. One component cannot operate without the other. Pairs are categorized as twos or duos of parts, people, or ideas, but pairing carries the complexity of layers. The pairing of wine and cheese embodies two objects with their own distinct processes, standards for quality, time for aging, textures, and experience of taste. In medicine, theragnostic refers to the pairing of diagnostic biomarkers with therapeutic agents to provide treatment matched to an individual. In a kinematic pair, each of two physical objects imposes constraints on the movement of the other. Pairing risks the mismatch, invites the unintended connection, and suggests what is left out by quantitive limits. The goal for this issue is partnership, conversation, and celebration of the depth and complications of useful pairings.

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The online issues in the 2024 volume pick up elements of the print issue’s design, and the entire website is updated to reflect this and shape the reading experience.

Special Issue: California Coastal Commission Poetry Contest

Every year, Tabula Poetica selects finalists for the Coastal Poetry Contest for K-12 students hosted by the California Coastal Commission. This year, Chapman University students in Tab Journal Editor Anna Leahy’s MFA poetry writing class served as the mid-level judges. Tab Journal is thrilled to share the poems of young Californians as part of this collaboration with the community and Annie Frankel, the Public Education Program of the California Coastal Commission. You can also view the winning art and poetry selections at the California Coastal Commission’s website.

Kindergarten–1st Grade

Lorenzo Ripoll: Leopard Shark

Leopard Shark by Lorenzo Ripoll

Alexandra Chapman: Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay by Alexandra Chapman

Elliot Cheng: Crab

Crab by Elliot Cheng

Neya Seelan: Paradise

Paradise by Neya Seelan

2nd–3rd Grade

Ivan DeVries: Friends by the Bay

Friends by the Bay by Ivan DeVries

Dylan Bingham: The Shores and Tide Pools of Hazards

The Shores and Tide Pools of Hazards by Dylan Bingham

Olivia Fike: Water Blue Flows

Water Blue Flows by Olivia Fike

Amorette Filemu: Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves by Amorette Filemu

Julian Zatt: Boogie Boarding

Boogie Boarding by Julian Zatt

4th–6th Grade

Nya Wang-Jethi: Anthozoa

Anthozoa by Nya Wang-Jethi

Adelyn Haskins: Kelp

Kelp by Adelyn Haskins

Manting Liu: World Beneath the Waves

World Beneath the Waves by Manting Liu

Siona Pedrocchi: Whale Song

Whale Song by Siona Pedrocchi

Poppy Sargent: Skies of the Bay

Skies of the Bay by Poppy Sargent

7th–9th Grade

Radhika Shah: lines in the sand

lines in the sand by Radhika Shah

James Corman: The Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron by James Corman

Emma Quintero: i wish in saltwater billows and gritty gold

i wish in saltwater billows and gritty gold by Emma Quintero

Six Silva: There Aren’t No Borders Here

There Aren’t No Borders Here by Six Silva

Garrett Wong: Ode to the Sea

Ode to the Sea by Garrett Wong

10th–12th Grade

Emilie Vu-Nguyen: Two Heartbeats

Two Heartbeats by Emilie Vu-Nguyen

Bianca Robak: Far and Below

Far and Below by Bianca Robak

Claire Scanlan: Orchestra of Chaos

Orchestra of Chaos by Claire Scanlan

Krystal Taylor: The Beauty in the Beach

The Beauty in the Beach by Krystal Taylor

Mattea Zurielle D. Menjares: Currents

Currents by Mattea Zurielle D. Menjares

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