Exciting News

Nomination Season at Tab

It’s nomination season for literary journals, and we’re excited to be part of this literary celebration. Tab Journal is thrilled to nominate the following poems from this past year’s issues:

Pushcart Prize Nominations

“Migration Seasons” by Dia Roth | Volume 9, Issue #1

“Anonymous Years” by Suphil Lee Park | Volume 9, Issue #1

“Chaoite” by Melissa Eleftherion | Volume 9, Issue #2

 “Pandemic Q&A” by Susan Michele Coronel | Volume 9, Issue #4

“Test Match” by Satya Dash | Volume 9, Issue #4

“Guarding Thresholds” by Pratibha Kelapure | Volume 9, Issue #6

Best of the Net Nominations

“Dispatch” by Sarah Boyle | Volume 8, Issue #4

“Erasure #2 from Smart Chefs Stay Slim” by Lydia Weinberger | Volume 8, Issue #4

 “It Could: One End” by Lisa Alvarez | Volume 8, Issue #5

 “Signals” by Dia Roth | Volume 8, Issue #6

 “salt of body over body” by Melissa Eleftherion | Volume 9, Issue #2

“Encanto” by D.S. Waldman | Volume 9, Issue #2

These were tough decisions because we value every poem that we publish. Congratulations to these poets and good luck!