Current Issue

This 2022 volume is our tenth issue. It is no coincidence, then, that it echoes the durability and usefulness of aluminum and tin, the traditional tenth-anniversary gifts. This volume, launched with a large-format print issue, quite literally reflects and shines and is our gift—from the staff and the contributors—to literary culture.

The design for 2022 emerges from a year of recognizing the complexities of choice, drawing boundaries, and acknowledging multidimensional anxieties of being between a rock and a hard place. The visual language draws on the mining of minerals—Arsenopyrite, Aluminum, Platinum, Tin, Tennantite, Titanium, Silver, Volcanic Rock. This volume surveys concepts of shared corners and shelters, of physical and metaphorical places and spaces where individuals, pods, and communities take refuge.

The online issues in the 2022 volume pick up elements of the print issue’s design, and the entire website is updated to reflect this and shape the reading experience.

Sometimes the Deaf  
Millicent Borges Accardi 
Glome and Drom
Kazim Ali 
How I Learned and Becoming the River
Shonda Buchanan 
I want to say something in defense of the sparrow.  
KateLynn Hibbard 
Caught in the Lethe
Paul Jaskunas    
The Apiary Library and Falling Back in Love
Alison Lubar 
Bermuda Fireworm
Kim Roberts 
Dangers of Dating
Ashish Kumar Singh 
Recipes for Daughters Leaving and Instructions on leaving {mother} 
Ellen Stone
Wild Ronan and The Theatre at the Centre of the Underworld: Subterranea 
Sarah-Jane Crowson 
Book Review: Mutiny by Phillip B. Williams
 Jay Dye 

Sometimes the Deaf by Millicent Borges Accardi
Drom by Kazim Ali
Glome by Kazim Ali
Poetics Statement by Kazim Ali
How I Learned and Becoming the River by Shonda Buchanan
I want to say something in defense of the sparrow by KateLynn Hibbard
Caught in the Lethe by Paul Jaskunas
The Apiary Library and Falling Back in Love by Alison Lubar
Bermuda Fireworm by Kim Roberts
Dangers of Dating by Ashish Kumar Singh
Recipes for Daughters Leaving by Ellen Stone
Instructions on leaving (mother) by Ellen Stone
The Theatre at the Centre of the Underworld: Subterranea by Sarah-Jane Crowson
Wild Rowan by Sarah-Jane Crowson